Module Goblint_lib.WrapperFunctionAnalysis

Family of analyses which provide symbolic locations for special library functions. Provides symbolic heap locations for dynamic memory allocations and symbolic thread identifiers for thread creation (mallocWrapper, threadCreateWrapper).

Provided heap locations are based on the node and thread ID. Provided thread identifiers are based solely the node. Considers wrapper functions and a number of unique heap locations or thread identifiers for additional precision.

module Q = Queries
include module type of struct include WrapperFunctionAnalysis0 end
module type UniqueCountArgs = WrapperFunctionAnalysis0.UniqueCountArgs
val unique_count_args_from_config : string -> (module UniqueCountArgs)
module ThreadCreateUniqueCount = WrapperFunctionAnalysis0.ThreadCreateUniqueCount
module type WrapperArgs = sig ... end
module SpecBase (UniqueCount : Lattice.S with type t = int) (WrapperArgs : WrapperArgs) : sig ... end