Module Goblint_lib.GobApron

include module type of struct include Apron end
module Scalar = Apron.Scalar
module Interval = Apron.Interval
module Coeff = Apron.Coeff
module Dim = Apron.Dim
module Linexpr0 = Apron.Linexpr0
module Lincons0 = Apron.Lincons0
module Generator0 = Apron.Generator0
module Texpr0 = Apron.Texpr0
module Tcons0 = Apron.Tcons0
module Manager = Apron.Manager
module Abstract0 = Apron.Abstract0
module Linexpr1 = Apron.Linexpr1
module Generator1 = Apron.Generator1
module Texpr1 = Apron.Texpr1
module Tcons1 = Apron.Tcons1
module Abstract1 = Apron.Abstract1
module Policy = Apron.Policy
module Disjunction = Apron.Disjunction
module Version = Apron.Version
module Apron_parser = Apron.Apron_parser
module Apron_lexer = Apron.Apron_lexer
module Parser = Apron.Parser
module Var : sig ... end
module Lincons1 : sig ... end
module Lincons1Set : sig ... end
module Environment : sig ... end

A few code elements for environment changes from functions as remove_vars etc. have been moved to sharedFunctions as they are needed in a similar way inside affineEqualityDomain. A module that includes various methods used by variable handling operations such as add_vars, remove_vars etc. in apronDomain and affineEqualityDomain.