Module Cilfacade0

Cilfacade functions to avoid dependency cycles.

val get_labelLoc : GoblintCil.label -> GoblintCil.location
val get_labelsLoc : GoblintCil.label list -> GoblintCil.Cil.location

Following functions are similar to Cil versions, but return expression location instead of entire statement location, where possible.

val eloc_fallback : eloc:GoblintCil.location -> loc:GoblintCil.location -> GoblintCil.location
val get_instrLoc : GoblintCil.instr -> GoblintCil.location

Get expression location for Cil.instr.

val get_stmtLoc : GoblintCil.stmt -> GoblintCil.Cil.location

Get expression location for Cil.stmt.